Web applications

If you have an idea, we will make it happen. We create customized systems that improve your company's efficiency or make your business viable.


The core of a web page is to sell products or services. In web everything is fast. Business proposition, quality and trustworthiness must be communicated within seconds.


Everything we do requires design and visualization. We specialize in web and UI/UX design.



Comistar™ is one of the most capable stars on business sky. Now operational in over 15 countries world wide - with wide range of business services.

Comistar wanted to both restructure their internal digital systems and create an agile website network that would operate easily and perfectly in multiple countries. In order to do that, they needed an adept technical partner that could understand their business and was aligned with their vision of the future.

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  • Customized web app development
  • Website network development
  • SEO
  • Internet marketing


Game Refinery

Game Refinery is a mobile game analysis company. By using sophisticated data analysis methods, GameRefinery™ can predict the commercial success of any mobile game throughout its lifecycle already in concept phase, and prescribe concrete feature level improvements. The method has been in development for 1.5 years and the company is already working with various leading mobile game developers and publishers around the world.

Game Refinery wanted an engaging website, that was optimized for both desktop and mobile use.

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  • Website development


Ministry of Ventures

As one of the world's rising angel investor firms, Ministry of Ventures has developed a deep domain of expertise into their industries of focus. They bring that knowledge and insight into every investment they make - At any stage and at any location around the globe.

Ministry of Ventures wanted a customized portfolio tracker. They specifically needed a highly flexible system that was able to be quickly redefined as new information and use cases were discovered. We started small and with agile development built a big system from ground up.

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  • Customized web app development

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